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Junior Leader Training

This page is a little slow to open because of the Photos.

On August 7-9, 1998 Troop 102 held JLT (Junior Leader training) at Camp Blackhawk. I was Assistant Scoutmaster of Programs. I also was cooking instructor. Below are some photos of some of the food that I showed the boys how to make. We had a great staff. My husband Dave was Scoutmaster. Brian, a fellow Old Crow, was our Tot 'n' Chip guy, teaching the boys how to use their wood tools. We had great time this week end. I was hot out during the day but the nights were nice. I rained most of the time. But if it ain't rain'n we ain't train'n!

Here I am, teaching how to cooking in the wild!.

Scoutmaster Dave hard at work.

Waiting for his next class is Brian.

This is the food I was making.

There is An egg in an orange shell, kabobs, Steak in a cabbage leaf, and boiled eggs in a cup.

These are biscuits on a stick!

This is called Birds nest, it is an egg and bread on a coffee can.

Some of the boys tring to get a fire going.

Eric was one of our instructors.

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