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Summer Camp

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This Summer we took our Explorer Post to Summer Camp at OBSR (Old Ben Scout Reservation). We went June 28 to July 4. There were 2 youth from the Post and 1 youth from our Boy Scout Troop who went. We had 4 adults who also went. We had lots of fun and met new people from all over the place. We even met a guy from Britain .

We all learned something new. I took a cooking course and learned to start a fire with two matches using only things you find in the woods. My husband and another post adult took life guarding and got their BSA Life Guard Training. On the second day we were there Dave got a bad sun burn. It rained 4 out of 7 days. We had skunks come in our camp sites at night. One of the kids, Jeff, run around one night at our camp site with a sports bra on. We all had a good laugh about that.
Dave in our camp site.

Kevin in his hamhock. (Check out his finger)

Jeff in front of his tent.

Our vollyball team.

Jeff showing off his nice new outfit.

This is Paul he is from Britain, he was my cooking course instructor.

My cooking partner was a brown noser.

Summer Camp Life Guard

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