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Mighty Bear's
Yes it is really me Mighty Bear
Scouting Page

     Welcome to my Scouting page. I will fill you in on my Scouting accomplishments as a youth to start with.

1979 I became a Bobcat Scout
1980 I became a Wolf Scout
1981 I became a Bear Scout
1982 I became a Webelos Scout

     As a Webelos Scout, I earned my Arrow of Light and the Parvuli Dei Religious Award for Catholics. In 1983 I became a Boy Scout. Unfortunately I did not stay in the Boy Scouts long enough to earn the rank of Eagle. When I left the Boy Scout Program I was a First Class Scout. Now that I am older, I can honestly say that I regret not sticking it out to earn Eagle. Like many youth today, I did not know what the Eagle Rank could do for me. So from me to you, if you have a youth wanting to leave the Scouting program, PLEASE sit down and talk with him since he is more than likely blind to the total value of the Eagle Rank.

     In 1995 a friend of mine got me back into the Scouting Program. I was hesitant at first but after the first meeting I attended, those old feelings from when I was a child came back. It was like finding your home away from home. Since then I have worn many hats and got certified in different things. As you will see by the list below I have been very active since rejoining the Boy Scouts. The ones in bold and italicized I am currently certified in or involved with to this date.

BSA Lifeguard
BSA Snorkeling
BSA Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense
First Aid Certified
CPR Certified
Rappelling Instructor
Venture Crew 190 Advisor
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 185
Served on 7 Scoutmaster Fundamental Staffs
Associate Advisor of Programs for Explorer Post 134
Unit Commissioner for lincoln Heritage District
Lincoln Heritage District Committee for Exploring
1997 FOS Chairman for Dubois County Troops
1997 OBSR Summer Camp High Adventure Director
1997 Order of the Arrow Ordeal Member
1997 JLT Assitant Scoutmaster of Programs, Camp Carnes
1997 Section Conclave Staff for OA
1998 Order of the Arrow Brotherhood Member
1998 - 1999 OA Chapter Advcisor for Lincoln Heritage District
1998 JLT Scoutmaster/Chaplain at Camp Blackhawk

     As an adult leader in the Boy Scouts I have had the opportunity to take training to help develop myself to become a better leader. As you can probably tell from the picture on the left, I am a Bear from Wood Badge, Course C-17-96. What kind of Bear you might ask? A "Mighty Mighty Bear" is what I will tell. Listed below is some training I have had the opportunity to attend and awards I have earned as an adult leader.

April 1996 - Scoutmastership Fundamentals I,II,III
March 1997 - Wood Badge
August 1997 - Train the Trainer
December 1997 - Scouter's Training Award

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